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Question: I saw a great ad on cable last night. I can lose 30 lbs by bending at the waist for 10 minutes a day over a 10 day period. It's called the 10 for 10. Do you think it will work for me?

Liz: No, I do not.

Question: For three easy payments of $49.95, I get a 60 day supply of Lean Machine pills that will make me lose 40 lbs... in addition I will gain 20 lbs in lean muscle mass. Do you think the product really works?

Liz: No, I do not.

Question: If I take a whole bottle of laxatives and a stool softner, do you think I can lose 15 pounds by Friday?

Liz: No, I do not.

Personal Training

<< The statements on the sidebar sound silly, but people buy 60+ billion dollars of quick fix products a year--- that don't work. There is no quick fix... there is no easy way. The only way to get in shape and lose weight is to develop a fitness plan and WORK IT.

Fuel - Motion - Coaching

An initial consultation meeting will be scheduled at my studio to go over your goals. As part of the vision and fitness plan we develop together. I will educate you as to how to fuel the motion we will use in your training, Nutrition is just as important as exercise. I will motivate and coach you to success in your program.

You will learn to change your thinking and lifestyle to facilitate the person you want to become.

With the latest in fitness equipment at my studio, most of my personal training is done at my Noblesville location. I do offer in home sessions and most corporate workplace programs are administered at the client site.

Call Liz Burton at 250-3677 to schedule a free initial consultation meeting.

Contact Liz at 317-250-3677

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